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Connecting Horizons with Job

Pastoral Care in Cooperation with Professionals in
               the Trauma Coping Process

              Revised and updated edition

         Egbert Brink

         Jaar: 2023
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Humanity has made outstanding progress in the field of mental health. However, acute, chronic, and complex types of trauma seem to be on the rise. The management of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is still challenging. Could it be that any solution that does not consider God is lacking? Or, more positively, can biblical teachings enrich and improve the current therapeutic approaches?
Egbert Brink, a pastor, and university professor from the Netherlands, is convinced that pastors and professionals can learn valuable lessons from the book of Job to boost the trauma-healing process. The particularly challenging and traumatic events that Job faced in his life and the way he coped with them are rich and inspiring. His response can also help with prevention strategies.

Moussa Bongoyok
Professor of Intercultural Studies and Holistic Development

Dr. Egbert BRINK is a Pastor of the Reformed Church of Waddinxveen since 1997 (part-time since August 2012) and a Professor of Old Testament, particularly Wisdom Literature and Biblical Theology. He teaches Biblical and Pastoral Theology at the Faculty of Reformed Theology of the University of Utrecht (formerly Kampen) in the Netherlands. He is also a Guest Professor of Practical Theology, teaching biblical hermeneutics, wisdom, and Christian andragogy at the Faculté de Theologie Evangélique in Bangui and Yaoundé (Cameroon). In doing so, he often appeared at conferences for African theological students in the French-speaking world. He is also a guest lecturer in Practical Theology at the Faculté Jean Calvin in Aix-en-Provence and the ETF in Leuven.

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